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Digital marketing agency the importance and value of the digital marketing agency has increased tremendously in global marketing over the past 16 years. With the development of technology, the increase in bandwidth and the increase in the use of mobile devices have changed our lifestyle and completely affected our shopping and purchasing habits.

What is the Difference of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the name of the process of marketing a company or brand in a digital environment. It is the newest and most convenient marketing method today. Digital marketing; Unlike radio, television, newspapers and physical committees, digital marketing methods that communicate with consumers using more interactive methods are updated every day with innovative methods.


Digital marketing is a more advantageous and popular marketing tool in today's technology compared to print publications. You can promote your printed publications, products or services electronically. The most effective platform in digital marketing is undoubtedly the website. If you are selling products on your website, you should make sure that the website is user-oriented and that customers can easily access the products sold.


digital marketing ; uses mobile and other interactive channels (in other words, on the Internet) away from traditional marketing channels (such as print media, radio, television, and billboards). It is also called online marketing, online marketing, interactive marketing and internet marketing.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

To carry out promotions in the digital environment  digital marketing  is called. With the widespread use of the internet today, digital marketing has become a necessity. For example, Ayşe Teyze created a website. He started publishing cakes on this website. He had previously interacted in a real setting. He exchanged information with a direct knock on the door, that is, one-on-one communication. He directly saw people entering the apartment where he still lived and publishing pamphlets. These individually completed tasks need to be converted into digital form. Today, we can access the Internet in any form, through computers, mobile phones, televisions or other devices. The internet has many benefits for us.


In internet marketing; you can save customer data for new sales, you can see many benefits such as cutting costs, an environment where you can compete with competitors, customers looking for opportunities 24/7, easy access to the international market. If the products can be easily reached through digital channels and marketing activities are done online / online, digital marketing will be done. Aunt Ayşe, promoting her cakes, had set up a website. It was supposed to promote the site and keep people informed. It should determine the target audience for accessing the website. Considering that the target audience is the 20-30 age group who loves pastries and junk food, it is necessary to know where these people spend most of their time. Suppose they spend time on food forums or online sports news media. Advertisements should be made with eye-catching slogans in these channels. Customers can be attracted to the site through advertising.

How to Support Digital Marketing?

A good company with a digital marketing agency  brand strategy  is necessary. In line with the determined strategies, the digital strategy is determined and set out.

As an agency that likes to measure and analyze, we also add value to our customers with meaningful figures. We have implemented all digital marketing strategies of our brand in order to maximize the use of the brand in the digital world and to measure the most effective ROI (return on investment) for the brand. To understand our role in the transparent reporting system, if you plan to use your budget properly and the most important thing is to get maximum return from advertising, please contact us to understand your 360-degree media planning and purchasing needs, including social media marketing, effective marketing, programmatic and performance marketing.