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360 Degree Agency

360-degree agency may seem like a different term when you first hear it, but it is the agency that we often see and come across on the internet and social media while walking on the road during the day, for example, it is the agencies that bring advertisements to life. For those who are wondering what 360-degree agency is, we will explain it without going into the technical parts.

360-degree agency is actually very useful and savior for brands/companies. Because brands have to work with different agencies for many areas. For example, social media agency, advertising agency, digital marketing agency or traditional agencies. If you work with a 360-degree agency, you can actually meet all your wishes and needs. How, then, let's get started? First, we would like to start by understanding the differences between digital and traditional agencies and what they do.

Digital Agencies

Let's start our first review with digital agencies as we get started with 360-degree agencies. Digital agencies: they do jobs such as mobile application development, SEM, SEO, social media Ads, social media management, content marketing. We can think of digital agencies as the field we know as new media in short. When we look at creative advertising agencies; they usually do creative work based on briefs from brands. Recently, most brands only want creative work to want to 360-degree agencies. Because the market is crowded and competition is intense, they try to attract the attention of their audiences with creative works. One of the most important features that distinguishes digital works from traditional ones is that they are measurable. Traditionally, it is difficult or sometimes impossible to measure who you are addressing and how much audience you have reached. However, you can determine the audience of the works done in digital and it is possible to get the reports.

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360 Degree Agency

Traditional Agencies

Traditional agencies, another type of media before we moved to 360-degree agencies; In fact, it is one-sided media and covers large masses. You cannot set limits on audiences. Because they use channels with one-sided communication such as newspapers, magazines, television, and radio. Therefore, it is quite costly. The one-sidedness of the traditional media is actually a big risk in these times when the value of communication increases even more. Keeping in touch with your audience is very valuable. Their feedback will guide you as well.

What Does 360 Degree Agency Cover?

Advertising in 360-degree agencies includes a versatile and multi-channel marketing strategy. While 360-degree agencies work, they take part in all departments, including advertising management. These agencies determine a sales-oriented roadmap in all departments related to your audiences/customers. When we look at the areas they work in, we can talk about outdoor advertisements. It has a wide target audience and appeals to everyone. Therefore, it should be constructed correctly and should be inclusive of everyone.

When we look at digital ads in 360-degree agencies, they are advertising campaigns that are set up in all digital media. These are the ads we see on the top, bottom, or right sides of search engine pages. This strategy they use is an effective method to drive traffic to brands' web pages. In addition, measurable results will be very important for you to see your progress. When we look at the social media side of 360-degree agencies, each social media means a different audience and a different language. It will be better for your brand to return the Ads that you will appear at the appropriate time for your target audience with selectable and accurate analysis. Thus, you will not need to allocate more budgets as in traditional media. For other methods made in digital, see our articles.

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