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In this article, which we will start with what agency means, we want to explain all types of agencies. Now everyone, every brand, company needs agencies. Of course, this need, which has been going on for a long time, has increased with the fact that our whole lives are now in technology, rather than the inclusion of technology in our lives in recent times. But brands sometimes have difficulties in choosing an agency. Which agency will be better for me, for example should I work with an advertising agency or digital marketing agency or all of them? For this reason, we wanted to compile them all for you.

When we return to our question of what agency means, agency is called an intermediary institution in Turkish. In fact, we can think of it as a bridge between the brand and the customers, the masses. Agencies provide services to brands according to their fields. For the differences between digital agencies and traditional agencies, you can read our article by clicking. Digital agencies; digital advertising agency, digital marketing agency, creative agencies, 360 degree agencies. Let's start with the digital advertising agency.

Digital Advertising Agencies

We can think of digital advertising agencies as people who create customer-oriented advertisements that we see almost every day, promote the products of brands that appear on the right, left or above while browsing websites. We would like to examine a little bit about how they do these advertisements. Google Ads is a very valuable system that Google search engine provides for users' advertisements. Here you can create advertising campaigns, determine your audiences, and prepare ads according to your budget. It may sound easy at first. However, determining the audiences, where to create your advertising campaigns and methods such as re-marketing require expertise. The wrong advertisements will save you money and time. For this reason, advertising agencies have a lot of work. We especially recommend that you look at which sectors they work with and what they add to the brands. You can click for Anfora Creative Success Stories.

Digital Marketing Agencies



• Google Ads

• Email marketing

Social media Ads


What are these ingredients? SEO is very important in digital marketing methods. SEO stands for search engine optimization. If you have a close relationship with digital marketing, you must have heard of it. SEO; It is divided into two as on-page and off-page SEO.

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On Page SEO

On-page SEO; It is to make all the pages of your website separately SEO compatible and to prepare them with content compatible with search engines. The reason for this is so that when Google crawls your page, it can understand your services or products correctly and give you a ranking. In this way, with off-page SEO support, you will be able to rank higher in searches.

Off Page SEO

One of the most important things when doing off-page SEO work is original content. Blog posts and content about the services and products you provide are very valuable to move you to the top. In addition to blog posts, you will also support them with the right backlink purchases.


SEM, in its simplest definition, is a paid advertising method on search engines. The best place for this is Google Ads. You can create ad campaigns through Google Ads. In this way, you can determine your target audience, choose the cities and countries you want to advertise. For example, you can also show images of your products by creating a display advertising campaign. In this way, you reach your target audience or potential audience. You can also analyze what is missing as you can follow up and report on the work you have done. You can create special advertising campaigns for your audience visiting your page with the re-marketing method.

Creative Agencies

Creative agencies are indispensable agencies for brands that want to make a difference and be ahead of their competitors. You will always want to stay ahead of your competitors, but since they want the same things, being creative will be an important factor in grabbing your audience's attention. Working with a successful creative agency will make you known, especially in social media. The creative team, which will make special designs for your brand, will analyze your target audience, and make designs considering other areas of interest.

360 Degree Agencies

360 degree agencies are agencies that cover all services. It includes all agency services mentioned above, as well as both traditional and digital agency services. If you want to organize advertising campaigns in many areas and you are going to request different services, 360 degree agencies will be the most ideal for you. Because dividing your work with several agencies will create problems in terms of follow-up. In addition, there may be problems with your corporate identity as different things will come out. Your corporate identity is very important for you to stay in the minds of your target and potential audience. We can think of this based on the advertisement films, music, or slogans that we cannot forget.

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