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Brand Stories and Brand Management

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Every brand has a starting point for brand management. There is a story behind it, a meaning in its name, and a meaning in its colors in its logo. The important thing is to tell this story to the target audience in the most accurate way.

The more individuals you can download the stories to, the more emotions you can touch, the more successful you will be. If the product is 50% of the sale, the story is the other 50%.

Telling the story alongside the product can affect the other person and the consumer as much. You fill the back of things that you would normally have trouble selling, and you decorate it so beautifully that the story already sells itself.

Brand management during the birth of brands?

The most beautiful are the brands born with their own story, but the tricks of the products/brands can be created according to the market and the product. The most enjoyable part of this job is to write the story of the brands, to enter that world and dive into a fairy tale. Rather than transferring direct information, it is important to establish a link between people and the brand and to convey the necessary information through this link. This would also be the first step for us to create a 'love brand'.

We can also visually convey these stories to our logo, package, printed images, and symbols. The messages we give can carry a piece of our story.

In times of increased competition and branding, we see the greatness of the role played by the brand, which makes brand management, gaining a place for itself, growing and influencing people.

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