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Design Language in Social Media Management

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Social media management is a comprehensive and correct management in all aspects. In this article, we will look at the design language side.

How Social Media Designs Should Be?

In social media management, designs are the most important element that allows users to notice your brand, product, or service. For example, on Instagram, we come across a lot of images during the day. We would like to give your ideas that can make you stand out while preparing a social media design to attract people to your brand in social media where millions of people have digital identities and a lot of content flows instantly.

First of all, you should prepare a design according to which social media platform you are using. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, which have many users, serve different areas and their content should be produced in accordance with this difference.

To explain the designs with examples while social media management; When we look at Facebook posts, they are square in size. Instagram stories, on the other hand, should be studied vertically. If you put the design you prepared for the Facebook post on the Instagram story, half of your page will be empty, so it will not attract the attention of the users. In addition to the size, one of the important criteria that determines the design is the purpose and concept of the social media platform you will manage. Such as, since LinkedIn is a social media platform with corporate and business-oriented content flow, you can use a corporate design language.

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Design Language in Social Media Management

In social media management, not only the designs but also the texts you write are of great importance. For detailed information about corporate language in social media management; Corporate Language in Social Media Management. The texts to be used in the prepared designs must be readable, clear, and understandable by everyone. You should avoid words that will exclude any group or make it look bad. At this point, your typography knowledge becomes very important. Choosing the right font and font size ensures that the social media image attracts attention.

While social media management, you can create the visual text from a title and a sub-title in the post design. However, if you are going to use this post design as an advertisement, you should design it in accordance with the 25% text overlay rule included in the advertising requirements. This means that the text in the design should not exceed 25% of the image.

The Importance of Integrity in Images in Social Media Management

The integrity of the designs you prepare is very important when social media management. While preparing the designs, you should also consider your next posts. It is important for the designs to provide integrity in the profile, to reflect your brand image, and must be consistent. You should prepare the same or compatible templates for the images. Make sure you reflect your brand's corporate identity. You can use ready-made social media design templates available on the internet, or you can get professional support from agencies for social media management.

It is another important issue for you to know the properties of colors and which color evokes what in the human mind. When choosing colors in social media designs, you should not move away from the corporate colors of the brand. When users see your social media share, it is valuable for your awareness that they realize at first glance that it belongs to your brand. Creating this perception may be difficult at first, but it is possible to achieve it with the right moves and successful social media designs.

I recommend you get professional support from an experienced and successful agency in social media management, which requires effort and effort in every aspect. Especially if you are a beginner, your chances of making mistakes are very high. Mistakes you make on social media will spread very quickly and may cause you to lose prestige. I would especially recommend that you look at the success stories of agencies in this field. Click for Anfora Creative success stories

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