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What Does a Digital Agency Do?

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

What is a Digital Agency?

The concept of digital agency is a term used to deal with an agency in one of the digital marketing fields. Some people believe that in the age of digital life and marketing it is impossible to separate marketing from digital and non-digital. However, the concept of "digital agency" is still used for agencies operating in the field of digital marketing. The concept of "digital agency" is actually a very common view. Digital marketing itself is divided into many branches. Some organizations serve a single area, while others focus on specific branches.

In Which Areas Do Digital Agencies Serve?

· SEO – Search Engine Optimization

· Content Marketing (Click: Anfora Creative Blog)

· SEM – Search Engine Marketing

· Facebook and Instagram Ad Management

· Performance tracking and reporting

· Social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

· Web design

· Google Analytics (Click: Analytics)

· E-mail marketing

· Agency Management (Click: What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?)

Dijital pazarlama ajansı ne iş yapar
What Does a Digital Agency Do?

How a Digital Agencies Work?

When digital agencies set up a marketing system, they first research the structure of the company they will work with and the target audience they are targeting. It then determines the time spent by the target audience and the channel.

Based on these results, he created a digital marketing strategy for the company. It can effectively use the budget provided by the company when implementing certain strategies. It reports the conversion rate of advertisements published on digital channels. The goal of conversion is to increase the company's sales, brand awareness and visitor numbers.

How to Choose the Right Agency?

Considering the department, you serve, you can determine the agency you will choose according to the following criteria;

· Does the agency have a Google partnership?

· Do they work with brands that are at least as big as your company?

· Which institutions can you apply to?

· Does the teamwork for services provided by experts in the field?

· Do they have a structure that can contact Google offices when necessary?

· Do they understand your goals before giving you a budget?

· Have they developed a digital marketing strategy and roadmap that fits your goals?

The world of digital marketing is a place where effort is needed. That's why the agents you choose and the strategies you set with them are very important. If these strategies are not set correctly, time and money will be wasted and no profit will be made.

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