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What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Digital marketing agencies, unlike traditional advertising agencies, are agencies that carry out marketing activities in all online and digital channels that can be used on the internet. That's why the term "digital" in the digital agency equation is used for web design, mobile app development and things like SEM (search engine advertising), SEO (search engine optimization), social media management, social media advertising, content strategy creation.

Unlike traditional agencies, the performance of all marketing activities performed by a digital marketing agency can be measured. The revenue or efficiency of advertising on TV, newspapers, magazines, or billboards can be indirectly measured. The return on all work done in a digital marketing campaign can be measured directly and the necessary steps can be taken to increase its efficiency. For example, TV ads and commercials given during prime time are shown to everyone watching the channel between these hours, and if the number of viewers (ie viewer rating) is high, the advertising price will be high.

However, with much less of this budget, digital marketing can reach millions of people.

Moreover, this access will only be made for this target audience by determining the target audience that will be interested in your brand. At the same time, the success and conversions of ads can be measured and reported very easily.

What Subjects Does a Digital Marketing Agency Serve?

For an effective strategic planning (Click: What is Strategic Planning?), you need to determine the following processes.

· SEM – Search Engine Marketing (Click: İ increased its traffic by 350% with SEO.)

· Facebook and Instagram ads management

· Web design

· Site traffic analysis

· Performance tracking and reporting

· Social media management

· SEO – Search Engine Optimization

· content marketing

· E-mail marketing

· Brand Management (Click: Brand Stories and Brand Management)

How Digital Marketing Agencies Work?

Digital marketing agencies know the business model and target audience of the people or companies they will serve well. Then, it researches which online channels the target audience spends time on and determines which channels the target audience has more interaction or reaction on.

As a result, it creates a digital marketing strategy for the company. It can make the most accurate plan within the scope of digital marketing strategy and start to implement it. While implementing the plan, he will try to manage the company's marketing budget in the most effective way. It controls the conversion rate of Internet advertising or social media advertising used in online channels. Conversion goals are usually to increase sales, as well as other goals to increase brand awareness and website visitors.

The most important issue you will determine when working with a Digital Marketing Agency is what you want to achieve. These goals include increasing sales, increasing traffic, and increasing visibility and visibility. You should use your marketing budget in the most effective way within the scope of your goals. The wrong digital agency can waste time and money, and when you run out of budget, you lose the opportunity to grow.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we help you in 3 steps

1. We make a preliminary interview: We talk about your goals and we talk about our strategies that are suitable for your goals. In addition, we analyze your existing Google Ads and social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook free of charge and share reports on what we can do.

2. We Create a Digital Marketing Roadmap: We are working on digital marketing solutions tailored to your expectations. We draw up a business plan and roadmap on how we can contribute to you.

3. We offer you a special offer: We present our offer and start working together by explaining what we can do within the scope of our Digital marketing business plan.

You can reach us on our phone number 0232 348 63 56 or on our contact page.

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