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Digital Marketing and e-Commerce

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

E-commerce has had a very important place in our country, especially with the pandemic. The 4.0 industry is transforming today's manufacturers into unmanned production. Marketing and sales methods are also rapidly moving to digital platforms. Although all production activities of enterprises in developed countries have switched to working with new technology machines at a very high speed, the change or development of machines in existing production lines in our country cannot be realized at the same speed. At this point, the pandemic accelerates the transition to new technologies for our country. On the other hand, the crisis created by the pandemic has adversely affected the development of many businesses.

If the production lines cannot change rapidly due to the financial crises experienced in recent times, then it is possible to quickly switch to a digital marketing and e-commerce system that can easily meet the changing expectations of the consumers and the demands of the new generation and strengthen the marketing and sales channels of the enterprises. required. In the global order, businesses and brands are transitioning towards the digital world. Staying away from this market will result in significant customer losses or downsizing. Considering that everyone exists in a digital space, your target audience will be much more than where you are.

Digital marketing: It is one of the marketing methods that can create demand for a product, service using digital channels. There are huge and diverse audiences you can target with digital marketing channels. So, you can decide which audience you want to appeal to. Today, most of the marketing is done on the internet. Products, services are positioned on websites and offered to customers ready for purchase.

Let's say you opened a new e-commerce site. A huge audience and millions of potential customers will be waiting for you on the Internet. We all surf the internet, spend time on social media and shop online every day.

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Digital Marketing and e-Commerce

According to the research, 60%, that is, approximately 50 million people use the internet in Turkey. According to statistics from Turkey, users spend an average of 7-8 hours a day in front of a computer and 4-5 hours in front of mobile devices. 42 percent of mobile users and 36 percent of computer users do research and read reviews about the products they want to buy while using the internet. 43% of users who do research buy the products they want online.

When we look at these data, it may be tempting to open an e-commerce site and serve in a place where there is a large audience, rather than opening a store and addressing only those in that segment. So, what awaits you when you open an e-commerce site in this way?

There are several ways to attract more potential customers to your e-commerce site. In general, you can do search engine optimization (SEO) while promoting your website. You can advertise on search engines or social media, do online PR work, or email your potential customers.

Using all these methods at the same time can be very costly. It is usually above the costs that newly opened e-commerce sites can afford. Considering that 90 percent of users from Turkey use Google and since the most important point in e-commerce is to sell products, it may be the right choice for you to advertise on search engines at the starting point. Using Google AdWords can increase the sales of a new e-commerce site in a short time.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an advertising service offered by Google to everyone. This advertising service helps you in digital environments. With Google AdWords, you only pay when you get clicks on your site.

The types of ads you can use in Google AdWords are as follows.

Search Ads,

Display Ads,

Video Ads,

App Ads.

In our next article, we will look at the content of these ads and how they are advertised.

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