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Digital Marketing and SEO

Digital marketing and SEO have become the topics that you hear frequently in recent years. We have compiled for you what they do and their importance for companies/brands. Development has become a part of our lives every day, even now, every moment. We are constantly following the agenda, new ideas and initiatives so that we do not miss anything. While everything is being renewed every day, brands and companies do not want to be visible in this chaos and lose their awareness. So how is this possible? This is where digital marketing and SEO methods come into play.

Digital Marketing

In its simplest definition, digital marketing is the method of showing the products or services of companies / brands to their audiences in digital environments. There are varieties of it. Advertising types and platforms also vary according to the sector you are in. For example, a company serving B2B and a company serving B2C will fail to set up the same type of advertising campaign. The most important feature that distinguishes digital marketing from traditional marketing methods is that it is measurable. You can check the data of your ads and campaigns in the environment you want and take action according to the progress. For example, the audience you think of as a target or potential is perhaps not your audience. By observing these, you can set up new campaigns.

In digital marketing methods, generally;

• Content marketing

• E-mail marketing

Social media marketing

• Affiliate marketing

• Influencer marketing

SEM (Search engine marketing)

• Re-marketing

SEO (Search engine optimization) is used. We will explain the SEO part in more detail for you.

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Digital Marketing and SEO

With digital marketing methods, you can increase your brand awareness by getting in front of your audience with the right advertising campaigns. One of the most important things you should not forget in these methods is that you act without breaking any community or group. Because any mistake made in the digital environment, especially in social media, spreads very quickly to the masses, which can cause a great loss of reputation.

What is SEO, What Does It Do?

You may be confused when it comes to SEO, and its definition is quite confusing. SEO means search engine optimization, so what can you say about this optimization? Let's examine this with an example. For example, you have decided to buy a new t-shirt, you want to look it up by searching in any search engine. Let's say you wrote a white v-neck t-shirt. When you search for this, you will come across many brands, the brands that appear in the first place are there thanks to these SEO works.

Digital marketing and SEO works are processes that are continuous and need to be done almost every day. No matter what sector you are in, you have a lot of competitors, and you have to make an effort to be in this market. At this point, we recommend that you get support from expert and experienced agencies.

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