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Google AdWords

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

The fact that Google AdWords is measurable, and advertisers/companies pay only for clicks makes it one of the first advertising preferences of companies that aim to promote their products.

Google AdWords makes it easier for users to find the products or services offered by your business in Google searches and maps. Usually, everyone looks for where to go, what to do or what to buy by searching on Google. You can put your Google ad in front of them by determining the target audiences you want. With the help of Google AdWords, you can easily reach your potential customers and expand your sales network.

These ad models are not just for large-scale businesses. Google AdWords serves a wide range of businesses, including small and medium-sized businesses. When you start to advertise, you can set the search queries, keywords, interests, categories, and topics that the target audience will make, and you can achieve direct targets and show your ads to the groups you specify.

You can show your ads in searches made in the categories you choose with the keywords you specify. In addition, you can add your ads visually in the advertising areas of other websites. We can even target users who visit your page, with the help of re-marketing, at lower costs.

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Google AdWords

Types of Google AdWords Ads

Search Ads

When you place a search ad from Google AdWords, your ad will be visible next to the search results when searches are made on Google for your selected keywords. When your keywords are related to a Google search, your ads will appear with Google search results. Your Google AdWords ads may appear above or below the Google search results. In addition, your ads will also appear in searches performed on Google Play, Google Shopping, Google Images and Google Maps.

Display Ads

In a display network campaign, it is the type of ad that helps you reach users while browsing websites, watching videos on YouTube, checking their mail in Gmail accounts, or using mobile devices and applications. When you choose the Google AdWords display network, it provides the opportunity to deliver your products and services to potential customers at the right place and at the right time, thanks to its targeting feature.

With a display network campaign, you can offer your products and services to users with the help of more attractive ad types. Some of the types of ads you can run on the display network are as follows; Responsive display ads, creating ads on Google's display network, have become easier thanks to responsive ads. To create responsive display ads, simply enter your ad text, then add the images you want to be included in the ad and your logo. Another option is engagement ads. This type of advertisement is visual and video advertisements on YouTube and display network.

What Should You Consider When Using Google AdWords?

When using Google AdWords; You should determine your advertising budget in the most accurate way. Spending a lot of money doesn't always mean it will get you the right returns. Determining the relevant target audience at the right place and time is more valuable than the budget you will spend. When choosing your keywords, you should think multi-dimensionally and put yourself in your customer's shoes. We recommend that you always think customer oriented. It is very valuable for you to pay attention to the optimization of your website.

Google regulates the visibility of your ads by considering the structure of the pages on the websites of the advertisers, features such as opening speed, so you should make sure that everything is correct if there are often errors on your website. Try to use more than one ad network together in Google AdWords, so you can observe which ad groups are most useful to you and which campaigns you reach the masses more easily.

You should develop an advertising strategy considering the searches made on Google. You should be able to analyze Google AdWords ad returns well and perform optimizations with it. Finally, most importantly, it is useful to determine where your ads will appear. Advertising in places that have nothing to do with the products and services you offer will cause not only financial loss but also loss of time.

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