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What is Guerrilla Marketing? Benefits of Guerrilla Marketing

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Guerrilla marketing is the name given to marketing campaigns that are carried out with unconventional tactics and in unexpected places and at unexpected times.

For example, you can examine the image we designed for the Izmir Arena - Efes Pilsen partnership. Real siphon beer will be placed in the middle of the hanging tarpaulin, and a glass of beer will be distributed to those who want it at festivals.

Guerrilla marketing makes us feel in the advertising work. It allows us to experience the features of the product in our daily life.

Just like the siphon beer we added to the tarpaulin sample prepared for Izmir Arena and Efes Pilsen. With the siphon beer added to the tarpaulin, which consists of only a slogan and design, it has become both interesting and experienceable.

The purpose of guerrilla marketing tools is for the audience who sees the advertisement work to have a momentary surprise and experience the product in real life. Products should stand out from ordinary advertising works and reflect their own characteristics in outdoor works.

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