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We will try to define it for you these days when we frequently encounter questions such as what is the Metaverse and how to use the Metaverse. Metaverse or virtual universe is a universe where people use augmented virtual reality products without any physical effort and only mentally feel their presence. The definition of a new universe excites us all. Recently, we watched that the social media, which is included in the video of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, changed the brand name to meta.

When we examine the concept of the Metaverse, we can see that it first appeared in the science fiction novel Snow Crash, written by Neal Stephenson in 1992. Metaverse, where people are not far from especially young people and do not experience alienation, started to join us when we think of Fortnite, the biggest example of these game sites with science fiction and video games. If you remember, rapper Travis Scott, one of Fortnite's avatars, gave 5 virtual concerts and attended these concerts by following more than 12 million players.

While there are many technical issues and areas for improvement in the Metaverse, to create an online world like 'Snow Crash', Facebook Reality Labs executive Andrew Bosworth said, “Many of these products will only be fully implemented in the next 10 to 15 years.” stated that.

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Facebook announced in the video that it passed on the name of meta, while continuing to work to create a new world, they announced that they had developed a glove so that users could gain the sense of touch. The idea that it is a glove that many people would like to have makes us very excited about gloves.

Another statement about Metaverse came from Microsoft. Microsoft has announced that it will establish the Metaverse office. Considering the work from home model, which has been included in our lives with the pandemic recently, we think that Metaverse offices will attract the attention of many companies. While doing this, they stated that the employees who will enter the meeting via Teams will participate with their own avatars instead of their images and voices and they will present themselves better. Considering that meeting environments are generally tense, and participants are afraid to open the camera, it will make them feel more comfortable if everyone participates with their own avatars.

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