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Social Media Management

Social media management is a business line that has become increasingly important in recent years and has even started to enter universities as a department. Coming to its importance for Brands/Firms, not being on social media in this age where everyone has a digital identity will be a process that pulls brand awareness quite backwards. You may frequently encounter questions such as what should be considered in social media management and whether it is necessary to be in every medium. In this article, we will answer your questions.

Social media platforms continue to increase their importance day by day. With terms such as metaverse and NFT that have entered our lives recently, it seems that everything will be digital in the future. It is not possible for brands not to exist when everyone is in such a digital environment. If you want, provide B2B services or there are social media where you need to be B2C. We wanted to look at what goes into social media management together. Social media management service includes:

• Determination of the target audience

• Content management

• Creating a visual identity

• Target audience analysis

• Special day posts

Social media Ads

• Creating a social media language suitable for the brand

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Social Media Management

After recognizing the brand and analyzing it correctly, it is very important to first determine the target audience in social media management. After deciding which social media, the brand should be in, the corporate language that will appeal to the audience should be determined. The language you choose is very important. Remember that social media is the space where you will communicate with your audience. The language you will choose according to your brand is the language you will use in your posts and incoming messages. Your differing use of language can negatively impact your audience.

Another important issue in social media management is sharing. The fact that the shares are made with creative works suitable for your audience will also attract the attention of your potential audience. While doing social media management, you should not ignore the importance of sharing hours and days, and you should not skip analyzing your audience objectively.

Social media management, I think the most familiar subject for all of us is advertisements. For example, we all see intrusive ads when viewing posts or watching stories on Instagram. In fact, we start to follow the pages that we do not follow if we are affected by those ads, or we do research on that product. For this reason, advertisements have increased their importance, especially in social media. The fact that your advertising campaigns that you will create through social media are measurable and will be shown to your target audience will both save your budget and enable you to appeal to the right people.

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