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Social Media Management and Advertising

Social media management and advertising when we look at the link between, in today's age, with the development of technology and the increase in the use of these technologies, many new professions have emerged, and many new doors have been opened in the name of advertising. Where people are, advertising is always there. Therefore, it is quite normal for advertising to increase on social media management. With the development of this sector, new professions inevitably emerged, and we easily adapted to it.

Social media management and advertising when we look, we hear the phrase 'if you don't pay for the product, you are the product'. We can approach this issue from many angles. Here we would like to talk about putting people in the place of a product on social media. What we want to explain in people's replacement of a product is that if a seller earns money from a product he sells, in fact, social media makes money on us, in a way we become a product.

For example, In the simplest definition, we do not pay for a video you watch on Youtube, but both the content producer and Youtube itself make money on us, in this case we are put instead of the product. We do not pay for a random post on Instagram, but when we follow an Influencer who social media management, we increase his interaction and give him the opportunity to work with more brands.

Social media management and advertisers make money thanks to us and we replace the product. We can clearly see the effects of this situation on us. When we look at studies, it shows that young people are less happy as their social media use increases. In addition to this feeling of inadequacy, we think that the patterns we are put into and the things we are exposed to without realizing it are effective in social media. Although all these do not always harm us financially, they cause mental fatigue without realizing it.

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Social Media Management and Advertising

When people are asked why they use Instagram, we often hear answers like 'relax, see friends', but in fact, when we put down the phone, we may realize that we are getting worse rather than relieved. Another point I would like to mention is how, as a country that changes the channel when advertisements arrive, people have adapted so quickly to the new advertising. When we ask the reason for this to the people around us, we get very different answers. For example, one of them is the fact that the cooperation advertisements in social media are short and appealing to the target audience, but the absence of such a distinction on television and showing the same advertisement to everyone is an indicator of how strategically social media advertisements are prepared.

Another reason is that human beings are always reflected in their most perfect form in television commercials and after a while, these perfect human communities make us feel incomplete. When we consider all of these, we can deduce that people have been in such a quest for a long time and that's why they adapted so quickly.

Apart from adapting to the situation people are in, new generation advertisers and algorithms presenting advertisements according to people's interests in social media management and presenting content by considering the tricks of influencing people psychologically have become a more effective social media advertising model.

In some cases, we are exposed to advertisements even though we are not aware of it. We provide support for the promotion of that product or service, even if we are not aware of it, by transferring it to the people around us with jingles, images and interactive content placed in sponsored advertisements and subconsciously.

As a result, we must prevent these social media advertisements that we are unwittingly exposed to from harming us. Because the 30 second ads we come across are temporary, but the traces they leave on us can be permanent.

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