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The Importance of Sharing Hours in Social Media Management

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Social Media Management and Statistics

Social media management is a hot topic these days. Social media is undoubtedly the most widely used communication tool of today's age. To put this in numbers, there are 54 million social media users in Turkey, which corresponds to 64% of Turkey's population. Considering the numbers, social media management becomes inevitable for businesses and brands that want to stay in touch with their customers.

How should Social Media Management be in Businesses?

Let's assume that your business has a social media account and shares are made through this account, but unfortunately, digital communication does not end here. Since the activities of the users can be observed in digital communication, the country where the user lives, between which hours, at what frequency and which activity can be determined. In this case, the right content planning and the right social media management bring success.

The Importance of Determining the Target Audience in Social Media Management

Determining the target audience is very important in determining the time of social media posts. Every social media platform and every user group has different digital habits. For example, for a business targeting white-collar people, working hours are the most unproductive times on social media. If you already have a social media account and you have an audience following that account, your job will become easier. You can access statistical information with the help of social media management tools and third-party social media tools. If you do not have an existing social media account, you can post in estimated hours until you create an audience. After making your shares regularly and actively, you can reach the usage hours of your audience and you can make your shares by considering these hours.

The Importance of Shared Content in Social Media Management

One of the important points that you should not forget is that planning, and activity are not everything in social media management. (Click: Anfora Creative Blog). The content you share is at least as important as planning. Good and creative content you share can get a lot of engagement regardless of the time it's posted. The most engaging content is always the one that benefits your followers. Content that is only sales-oriented and not interesting to your followers will cause your followers to turn away from you. You can reach our Instagram and Facebook accounts via the link below.

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