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Existence After the Pandemic with Digital Media

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

With the effect of the Digital Media pandemic process, it covered the 3-4-year road in one year. It has been a whole year since the World Health Organization declared a pandemic. We have had difficult days. We tried various ways to protect our own health. Our consumption habits have changed. Our social life has changed. The way we communicate has changed. We started to hold our meetings online and meet people in digital media, and we got used to it.

Undoubtedly, the habits gained by the pandemic process will continue in the post-pandemic period and we will continue to communicate with people through digital media. In this emerging digital era, brands will need to step into the digital world as soon as possible to maintain their existence.

What has changed with Digital Media during the Pandemic Period?

Statistics show that the growth rate of digital media in this period was 159%. Digital investments of brands grew by an average of 3 times and the most successful sectors in digitalization were recorded as textile, furniture, food, and household products. For detailed information, you can visit the source link.

dijital medya
Being with Digital Media

Surviving After the Pandemic

In order to prevent the intense competition in such a growth sector, brands should take the steps of digitalization together with digital advertising agencies and the right strategies should be created to realize the brand vision. (Click: What do digital agencies do?)

In this period, every step to be taken in the digital media will ensure the position of the brand for the future and prevent the problem of not reaching the target audience in the future as the conventional media loses power day by day. The importance of digital marketing is also seen here once again.

Why is Digital Media More Advantageous?

For brands, being in traditional media is very costly and this huge cost must meet the expectations of the brand. Another problem of traditional media is the diverse target audience. Whereas brands should make their investments to reach their potential customers. Otherwise, a message that does not reach the desired person will be an unnecessary expense for the brand.

On top of that, considering the digital media that has become stronger during the pandemic period, digital media will be more accurate for many brands in terms of both price and efficiency.

Reaching potential customers on digital platforms is easier than traditionally; because it is possible to reach your goal directly without any obstacles, based on the data of the users, and thus the brand will spend its money more efficiently. In addition, communication on digital platforms is two-way and potential customers can get back and contact the brand.

Digital media is also very advantageous in terms of measurability compared to traditional media. It is possible to follow the effect of communication works done in digital media, second by second. It is possible to see which target audience group is exposed to the communication work created at what time, when and for how long, and it is possible to use this data as a basis for the next communication work.

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