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What is a Digital Advertising Agency?

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Digital advertising agency has entered our lives with the return of advertisements to digital as everything has changed. In fact, digital advertising agencies are the ones who make the advertising campaigns that we see on the sites and social media pages we visit almost every day.

Especially in the last 2 years, we think that we spend more time on social media due to the pandemic. Sometimes we like some ads so much that we want to watch them even if we are not related to the product, or we research who made the ad. At this point, digital advertising agencies, which we can call successful works, creative or creative, come into play.

Do we ever ask ourselves, what would I do if I made this ad? We think many of us are asking this question. Or, in some advertisements, we say that they were neither well thought nor advertised. In fact, when we look at the advertising content we like, we like a certain line regardless of brands or products. For example, we do not like humor in every advertisement. Because the dynamics of each brand or advertisement is different, so let's examine the working methods of digital advertising agencies.

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Digital Advertising Agency

How Does a Digital Advertising Agency Work?

The working methods of digital advertising agencies vary according to the brands they work with. Because the method of working on the character of the brand/company, that is, its institutionalism, is determined. First of all, the digital advertising agency should have a very good understanding of the institutionalism of the company/brand it works with, its line and the work they do. Then it researches and analyzes the target audience. The reason for this is to determine at what hours and on which days the target and potential audience, who may or may be interested in the products of the brand/company, for example, and the work they do, will be more active. In addition to these, it should be able to make predictions about which social media the target audience will be more active in.

After obtaining this information, they determine the marketing strategy. With the strategy they have determined, they begin to organize advertising campaigns that will attract the attention of the target and potential audience. The fact that digital advertising agencies are measurable and are made directly to people who are interested in those products or services is also very important in terms of advertising expenses, as the brand does not need to spend high budgets as in traditional marketing.

Digital advertising agencies take care to use the budget allocated to them by the brand in the best and most efficient way. By examining the interaction rates, accessibility of the masses and the effect on the audience of their advertising campaigns, they can also evaluate themselves whether they have achieved success and see their mistakes.

Here, we have briefly explained some of what the digital advertising agency does for brands. Of course, what they do is not limited to these, and in fact, it is not that easy. When you want to get detailed information, you can read our other articles.

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